2010 CeBIT New Products


USB 3.0 cable

New products V3.0

Type A/M to B/M

Power USB 5V / 12V / 24V

iPod / iPhone Cable

iPod/iPhone for Automotive vehicle

30 pin iPod / iPhone connector with customized interface circuit board

Mini Micro USB cable

Mini / Micro USB Cable

Mini / Micro USB Type A / B

5 pol with 180 degree straight or 90 degree angle molding version 2.0

30 microinch gold plated


VDA cable wire harness

VDA cable wire harness

ISO Connector Cable

For Automotive vehicles wireharness

ISO connector 8 pol / 16 pol, heavy duty contacts, housing with locking fuction

OEM wire harness

For BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW ... etc.

OEM consigned parts

Automotive wire harness Radio

Bluetooth wiring Molex version

Molex 16 / 24 way male to female



Audio Cable

3.5  4 pol plug to 5.2 / 6.3 socket

Adaptor cable fo two-way radio Mic / headset


Water-proof spiral halogen free

Available for most vehicle manufacturer

For BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volve, VW etc. & Railway train

Resistance for : Salt water, UV-light, Fuel, detergent, urtra high flexibility, stretch cycles 250K